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How Can A Website Help My Business?

A website can help you reach existing and potential customers across the globe with a single click- anytime of the day or night. It increases the credibility of your business by keeping your customers engaged and interactive. You can substantially cut costs through PDFs for downloads, reducing your printing and mailing expense. Information is accessible, making it more convenient for your clients—consequently building better relationship with your customers.

What Size Website Am I Going To Need?

To have a well-designed website, the amount and type of content should be considered. It can be worthwhile to speak with a designer to create the best possible scheme that fits your business' needs.

What does a website cost to design?

Your website can make promoting your business less expensive. Here is a guideline we've put together so you can have the general idea for your own website. Prices are subject to change depending on your website's contents and additional work.

Website Pricing Information as of January 2015
One Page Mobile Website 3 Standard Folds View Details
Basic Website Pages: 1-3 View Details
Medium-Sized Website Pages: 4-10 View Details
Custom Website Request for a consulation

Cost for additional work and website updates is quoted by time and material. Prosoft charges $40/hour billed in partial hours with a 30 minute minimum.
All our web projects are "responsive," meaning that websites are designed to automatically adjust their layout to look good and functional on multiple devices, such as smartphones, tables, laptops, and desktop computers.

What Elements Go Into Every Webpage?

We are equipped with talented web designers and highly skilled technical support group that can do just about anything to make your website concise and striking – without hurting your check book. Each project comes with new skillset and knowledge that can bring life to your business online.

The following is a list of standard elements that go into every Prosoft website at no additional cost:

JavaScript Mouseovers: These make your site more interactive and visually pleasing.
JavaScript Drop-Down Menus: Menu functions for larger sites to increase usability.
Auto-Update Copyright Date: PHP that automatically changes your copyright date to the current year.
Cascading Style Sheets: CSS has become the industry standard for creating consistent and easy-to-change formats.
Include Files: Include files allow us to change one file and all of the pages area automatically updated.
Headers/Meta Tags: Information included for search engine optimization.